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Big Deals on Bikes


Electric bikes come in all shapes, sizes, and styles with different levels of pedal assistance, motors, and battery capacities. Riding an electric bike expands your possibilities on two-wheels and figuring out which style of e-bike you need is key. For the trails, the roads, or the commute, we carry e-bikes that suit every type of rider. 

Thinking about an E-Bike? 

It’s important to research access rules in your area or where you’ll be riding before making a final decision on an e-bike. Check with local cities and land managers at places you plan to ride. The rules are continuously changing in regards to laws, licensing, registration, age limits and land management. Current e-bike rules in Ontario can be found here.

We do not sell e-bikes that do not have pedals or e-bikes that provide assistance at speeds greater than 32 km/h. It is also illegal to make any modifications to e-bikes in order to exceed the 32 km/h limit. We highly recommend that you purchase your next electric bike from a qualified and reputable bike shop to help ensure your safety.

Find The Right Ride With Us

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